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OCT Scan

An Optical Coherence Tomography scan (commonly referred to as an OCT scan) helps us to view the health of your eyes in greater detail. It allows our optometrists to see a cross-section of the back surface of your eyes, providing more detail than ever before.

This non-invasive test works in a similar way to MRI and ultrasound scans, using light waves to produce a 3D image of your eye. It measures the thickness and maps the distinctive layers of the retina. These measurements help with the early detection and diagnosis of retinal diseases and conditions such as age-related macula degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinal diseases and many other eye problems.

Digital retinal photography is also included with the OCT scan to further aid accurate diagnosis of eye related issues. When the scan is done our optometrist are happy to discuss, show and explain all the results. All together this does add around an extra 15- 20 mins to the eye examination but is definitely a worthwhile addition.

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