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Regular eye examinations are important whether you feel you need glasses or not. With the ageing eye many conditions such as cataract, can develop than can affect our sight. Early diagnosis can lead to better outcomes if any treatment is required.

Eye examination in the comfort of your own home. This is one of the services we take pleasure in providing. We recognise that it isn’t always easy to get to us without assistance. That’s why we will come and see you. We bring our portable equipment to the comfort and convenience of your own home. Whether it’s due to illness, or disability then we can help.

In addition to providing eye tests, if you need glasses we are able to offer a complete dispensing service. We offer a full range of frames from basic to designer and can help you to choose the right glasses for your needs.

Once your glasses are ready a second appointment is arranged for them to be delivered and fitted. Our optical dispenser will ensure the best possible fitting and make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the product.

Please call in with any enquiries on 02083680924

Arranging an appointment can take a few weeks, so if it is emergency we may still advise you to come into the practice 

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