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Eye Examination

Everyone during their life will require help with their eyesight. Below are some of the most common conditions which can easily be corrected by wearing spectacles or contact lenses;

Regular eye examination help provide not only an accurate assessment of your visual function but also, gauge the general health of your eyes and can result in the early identification of eye diseases and health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Whether its NHS or Private, our eye examinations are very thorough. Lasting approximately half an hour, our optometrists will look closely at all aspects of your vision and eye health.

A few questions will be asked about your sight, general health and medications, your family’s health and your lifestyle. There are lots of different tests that can be carried out during your eye examination, which will be tailored to suit your individual needs. While examining your eyes, our optometrists will look at:

  • Vision quality
  • Unaided and aided vision (with any glasses or contact lenses you already use)
  • Eye muscle performance and health
  • External and Internal eye health
  • Eye pressure
  • Further tests for depth perception, colour vision and visual field may also be performed where required

Our optometrists will provide step-by-step explanations so you know exactly what is involved at each stage

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