How Long Is Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Not only does long-term recovery need the assistance of professional treatment, but it always benefits from other recovery-focused activities, like support groups. Support groups lack the guidance of professional therapy, and instead, rely on the sense of community and fellowship they create. Attending a support group connects someone to an entire network of people in recovery who are willing to share their experience and expertise on the subject of sobriety.

how long is drug rehab

She finished the program with treatment, medication, sober living, and aftercare. She appreciated the program’s healing and growth and was ready to start a new chapter. You attend sessions at the institution while living at home or in a sober living situation. Depending on severity and frequency, outpatient treatment might span weeks or months.

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These programs are designed to provide an in-depth and immersive treatment experience, essential for deep-rooted recovery. Inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and hybrid programs that combine the two are the most common formats for 90-day drug rehabilitation. You will spend every night of your 90-day inpatient recovery program at the facility. The center should supply you with meals, and there should be set visiting hours so you may see loved ones.

how long is drug rehab

They are excellent for chronic or relapsing addicts who need more long-term assistance and direction than 90-day programs and can afford the continuous cost and engagement. At Hazelden Betty Ford, inpatient treatment for substance abuse begins with learning about your specific situation. Our treatment team will evaluate your medical health, mental health and substance use history in order to design an individualized drug or alcohol rehab plan for you. With your permission, our rehab staff may also talk with your family members and consult with professionals you might already be working with to help address any related challenges you may be facing.

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Some treatment centers offer 30-day rehab programs while others offer multiple 30-day programs, allowing clients to extend their treatment as needed. Individuals with drug use disorders can benefit from a month-long program that combines 12-step meetings with other therapy modalities to provide a how long is drug rehab more holistic approach to care. Drug rehab programs vary in duration depending on various factors such as the severity of addiction, individual needs, treatment approach, and personal progress. The length of time required for drug rehab can span from a few weeks to several months or even longer.

how long is drug rehab

During the detox process, you will be medically monitored around-the-clock until medical staff determine you are stable enough to focus on rehab programming and activities. Search our list of luxury rehabs to find detox programs, sober living environments, and everything in between. If you want to start treatment by attending a 90-day program, you’ll probably need to make certain arrangements in advance.

How Long is a Drug Detox?

However, you may need to stay in treatment for several months if you have a severe addiction. While some rehab programs take a longer or a shorter amount of time, 90 days is considered to be the low-end length of time under which effective rehab is marked. However, patients must be able to attend a program in whatever way is best and most effective for them. Many people attend one rehab program and then consider themselves cured afterward. Sober living centers serve a different purpose than short-term treatment facilities.

  • It’s essential to recognize that every person’s struggle with addiction is unique, and there is no universal solution that works for everyone.
  • In summary, a comprehensive understanding of rehab duration and the importance of ongoing drug treatment support are integral to developing personalized treatment plans and ensuring long-term success.
  • Insurance policies and benefits vary greatly, so it’s important to check with your provider about coverage specifics in your case.
  • In addition to specialized therapies, this facility offers several targeted support groups to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ people, first responders, and other groups.

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